Meet Your FIA: Aretha

Arho Aretha Orien MSc in Molecular Medicine (Experimental Medicine) The Medical School
What was your favourite subject at school or college?
How did you decide which degree to take?
I have always loved chemistry and biology and I wanted to do a degree that encompassed both and as such my undergraduate degree was in Medical Biochemistry. Doing a molecular medicine master’s degree for me is an extension of my undergraduate degree because I get to do a lot more research and lab work.
What advice would you give to people about to choose a university course?
Choose a course based on what you are interested in because no matter the stress of university life the fact that you love what you do will always serve as a motivation. Also, do a lot of research about the course. Apart from reading the information provided on the university's webpage, if there are any unanswered questions that the question-and-answer pages do not answer, contact the department for more information.
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By Hamdah Abdi

Much like the city of Sheffield itself that is home to two football teams (Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday) and the snooker championships, the University of Sheffield has a rich history of sports. Varsity is the annual sports competition that takes place every March/April over a period of 9 days and across 20 venues. It is between sports teams from the University and our rivals Sheffield Hallam University that started in 1997.