Meet Your FIA: Alina

Alina Ramji
Orthoptics, Oncology and Metabolism

What was your favourite subject at school or college?
How did you decide which degree to take?
I really enjoyed maths and biology at school and I wanted to get a degree which had both aspects included as well as a course where in the future I would be able to help people in a medical related way. Since my grandmother was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, I became further interested in the eye as I realised sight was something so important yet undervalued. After coming across Orthoptics, I further researched it and found it a very unique course. It incorporated a lot of biology, mainly the eye, which was something I wanted to study for a long time. It also included a portion of maths (Optics part of the course).
Also, being able to go on placements throughout the course particularly appealed to me as before you graduate you would know exactly what you are expected to do and had practise with real patients, giving a really good under…

Festivals in Sheffield

By Faith Kerekes

There are numerous festivals in Sheffield throughout the year. This list is by no means comprehensive, it is only a taste of what the city has to offer!
The first type of festival which probably springs into the mind of most of us! Sheffield is the home to our very own Tramlines festival. Held in July, music takes over the city for one weekend. With the lineup this year including the likes of M.O and the Libertines, there really is something for everyone!
If you are looking to hear music from the classic greats, then you can head over to Sheffield’s fake festival. This festival really lives up to its name, with tribute bands galore. Queen and Oasis tributes can be found here this spring!
Food and Drink
Odes to our sustenance in this great city are numerous. Sheffield food festival in May lets you sample local foods right in the heart of the city. Meanwhile, tastes from around the world can be sampled at the University’s very own World Food festival, also taking place …

Meet Your FIA: Elvis

Elvis Vas
Year 2, Orthoptics

What was your favourite subject at school or college? Biology
How did you decide which degree to take? My decision was due to my interest in sciences and I wanted to go into healthcare.
What advice would you give to people about to choose a university course? Choose a course that will challenge your academic ability.
What do you particularly enjoy at the University of Sheffield and why? The Orthoptics course is very organised and keeps me up to date with the best and recent research that has been carried out.
What has been your best experience so far at Sheffield? The placements that I have done has allowed me put the theory I have learnt into clinical practice.
How is studying your subject or the methods of learning different at university than at school or college? In the university, a significant amount of independent learning is expected compared to high school or college.
What are your plans for the future? My initial plan is to work in the hospital and later on sp…