Meet Your FIA: Shreya

Shreya Sriram
Acquired Communication Disorders
Human Communication Sciences

What was your favourite subject at school or college?

How did you decide which degree to take?
To serve humanity and provide healthcare services to those in need has been my passion all along. Deciding to be a Speech Therapist was a rather impromptu decision, but one that I will never regret. To broaden my knowledge and skillset in Neuro- Communication Disorders is what got me pursuing it as my Master's degree.

What advice would you give to people about to choose a university course?
To all the Prospective University students out there, please always remember to bear in mind the three cardinal points while picking a course:
1. Modules offered/ contents of the programme: Most of the courses will share similar names, but tend to consist of different modules. Ensure the programme you decide to choose, provides core and optional modules that interest you.
2. Course and University Ranking: Course rankings are different from University rankings; The Universities ranked high for overall quality of education, may not be the best for the programme of your choice. Ensure you pick a University that is ranked well in the programme of your choice.
3. Research and Placements: Be it Undergraduate or Graduate level studies, ensure the university you choose provides a good array of placement opportunities- during the period of your study and after. It is also essential to note the standards of research facilities offered at the university of your choice.

What do you particularly enjoy at the University of Sheffield and why?
What's not to like at Sheffield??
From offering a wide range of unique course programmes to being ranked the university with highest student satisfaction, University of Sheffield has got it all. Two factors that led me to accept this place as home are:
1. Trips and Events: To brighten up your mundane class days, the various trips and events organised by the university allow you to enjoy, explore and socialize. You'll have an array of day trips, international parties and fun activities to choose from!
2. Placements: The university provides a great platform for students from all departments and programmes to lead, represent and reform. The Student Union and Faculty International Ambassadors Team are just few of the many different teams you can be elected to be a part of, in order to represent your department and bring about the change that, you and the rest of the students want.

What has been your best experience so far at Sheffield?
Being given the opportunity to represent my department at the Student Union, has been one experience to cherish. The meetings, workshops and events have shaped us to be better leaders and broadened our skillset to put forth ideas and bring about necessary changes.

How is studying your subject or the methods of learning different at university that at school or college?
University can be a rather intimidating change; there’s no denying it. The place requires you to be more independent and self-driven, when compared to schools and colleges. You are expected to be moulded to be an independent person, capable of making a living and surviving the challenging world, here at the university. And so, this place will be sure to put you through numerous obstacles, and teach you to multi-task (eg: manage part time jobs along with studies).

What are your plans for the future?
I'm working towards getting registered with the NHS, and securing a job as a Medical Speech Therapist in UK. My ambition is to get into a PhD programme at a renowned university.

Have you done or plan to do any placements alongside your studies?
Yes, I am currently placed at The Dementia Clinic, that is run by my Department. I apply for placements each semester, and depending on my interest, credentials and CV, I get placed at an appropriate job.

What other extra curricular activities do you enjoy outside of your studies?

I am an active member of the Indian Society at the University, which has me participating in and organizing different cultural events. Apart from being a part of the FIA and SU, I am also the lead vocalist at the Indian Society Band.