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Coffee Places in Sheffield

By Sarah Chan

Sheffield might be known as Britain’s ale capital, with almost five times more breweries per capita than greater London. However, aside from the beer scene, independent coffee roasters and cafes can be found in the city, some of which have customers driving from across the country to taste their coffee.
Drinking tea may be a national past time in England, but did you know that when coffee made its way to the western world, coffeehouses grew exponentially in number across London at the end of the 17th century? 
At that time, coffeehouses were places for intellectuals to meet and discuss ideas – hence, you may have heard the name ‘penny university’ in reference to the coffeehouse’s use as an avenue for learning and discovery. More famously, Adam Smith, author of one of the most influential economic literature, The Wealth of Nations, wrote most of it in the British Coffee Shop in London.